Generating leads via co-registration can deliver great ROI.

How It Works

Co-Registration is rapidly becoming one of the best models for efficiently building targeted E-mail and postal lists to drive your installed base marketing efforts. It is an online marketing initiative where a free offer from your company is integrated with Publisher's online registration process, resulting in the collection of a targeted leads or subscriptions.

Siren Group's Co-Registration service is centric to providing you with a turnkey solution that will place you on a network of sites that will yield qualified leads that can be cross-sold with your free/paid subscription offers.

Siren Group’s lead generation and digital customer acquisition team has delivered hundreds of thousands of customers on a pay-for-performance basis to small, medium and large businesses worldwide.

Siren Group uses Trusted Form Certificate of Authenticity which brings trust and transparency to the online lead generation. Using this revolutionary patent pending process, lead buyers can finally get independent proof of what they are buying. This helps ensure compliance in the marketing channel that can sometimes be known for poor quality if not monitored properly.

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