Discover How This Online Retailer Gained Over 100,000 New Customers Using Facebook Ads

Siren Group helped this leading online retailer to reach the right audience through various ad campaigns run across Facebook. The customers acquired were more valuable than the average customer, with higher than average basket sizes and repurchase rates. This led to millions of dollars in revenue for the online retailer.

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Facebook is well-known as a highly valuable advertising channel for driving product awareness and discovery. Siren Group set out to create awareness and capture the attention of the right audience for the retailer’s products. We were able to attract and engage with this audience and get them to take a desired action, which produced customers with high customer lifetime value (LTV).

If you need to:

  • Drive Traffic. Substantially increase the number of visitors to your website or App.

  • Sell More Products Online. Create relevant and timely ads to attract the right buyers to your online store.

  • Extend Your Geographic Reach. Reach new audiences across multiple countries by creating exceptional quality ad copy in native languages.

  • Advanced Audience Targeting. Reach customers with higher than average transaction value (ATV).

  • Grow Your Business. Scale up your customer acquisition and brand awareness, substantially increase your company’s revenue.

  • Minimize Your Financial Risk. Siren Group bears all the costs of advertising on Facebook, you pay only for agreed-upon results.

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