Paid Search / SEM Marketing

Our roots in paid search run deep. In this fast changing space we always stay ahead of the competition.
Paid Search / SEM Marketing

How It Works

Siren Group offers a fully integrated and holistic approach to search engine marketing (SEM) which looks at the bigger picture. SEM offers vast amounts of data to fuel other advertising channels to help you exceed your businesses requirements. We utilize that data using our state of the art custom DMP technology to scale up SEM campaigns across other channels such as social and display to in many cases double or even triple the revenues/profits that could only be generated from SEM alone.

At Siren Group, we also make the best of both man and machine. No tool is perfect without a master wielding it. Our team of SEM experts always come up with creative ways to find an edge over your competition. At the same time no human can watch the campaigns 24/7.

We use state of the art custom automated bid management to adjust bids in real time to:
- take advantage of demand spikes as well as safeguard against wasted spend on traffic spikes coming from irrelevant traffic;
- adjust bids on the city/region level to allocate more budget and increase bids to more well off cities/regions and less budget /smaller bids to less well-off cities/regions (e.g. Detroit) to produce higher EPCs and more sales;
- perform automatic bid adjustments based on time of day, day of week, expected holiday impact on the ROI, etc.

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