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  • $26 million in sales generated for partners in 2018
  • 3,250 windows replacement estimate appointments scheduled in Q1 2019
  • Nationwide coverage across the US and Canada
  • No calls required

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We drive sales for the leaders in the home improvement space

What Sets Us Apart

We only advertise where your audience is, securing homeowners who are actively searching for your services. Unlike most lead generation companies, we do not deliver cold, unqualified leads.

Our experienced team contacts each lead individually, scheduling appointments with our proven-to-work system. We work with your calendar to schedule exclusive estimate appointments.

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Generate leads Generate leads
Call leads to qualify
Schedule appointments
Handle rescheduling, cancellations


Pay for real appointments, not leads.

Let’s be honest: you don’t want leads. You want to make a connection with your customers. Working with other advertising companies means you have to do all the calling, scheduling and arguing over eventual lead quality. We will drive sales-ready appointments to your calendar.

Never pay for canceled appointments or rescheduling.

We handle the hassle of any rescheduling and cancellations at no additional cost to you.

Grow your business faster with Siren.

Spend less time on door-to-door sales, cold-calling and traditional media, and more time doing what you do best.


25% - 30% closing rate

Of the 6,204 windows replacement appointments we scheduled for contractors in the past 6 months, 1,578 turned into sales. That is a 25% closing rate - one of the highest in the industry.

Starting at 10 appointments

We offer a minimum order of 10 appointments. You also get 50% off your first order.

Receive exclusive fresh appointments

We never schedule appointments with multiple windows replacement contractors or share prospective customer data with anyone else.

Grow your business with Siren

We deliver results over multiple industries

Let our experience speak for itself

100,000 customers for leading online retailer

Siren Group helped this leading online retailer to reach the right audience through various ad campaigns run across Facebook.

172% sales improvement for Life Insurance

We have helped leading Life Insurance Brokers improve their sales by as much as 172% through our ongoing targeted lead generation program.

$20 million for Fortune 500 company

Siren Group has been working with Microsoft for over 5 years helping them achieve double-digit growth year after year in US & Canada via their official online store In 2016, up to $20 million in revenue could be directly attributed to Siren Group’s efforts.

60,000 leads for coupon website

We helped Groupon sign up over 60,000 people across various markets including: Brazil, Australia, France, Romania, Germany, Colombia, Singapore, the UK, Norway, Hong Kong, Finland, Austria, Israel, Ireland, Korea, Argentina, Indonesia, South Africa, Italy, Belgium, Spain, UAE and others.

About Us

Siren Group, a performance-based online advertising company was founded in 2009 and has since delivered over 850M leads and new customers to more than 400 clients in 137 countries around the world. Based in Switzerland, with staff across North America and Europe we help hundreds of companies from various industries grow their sales drastically. Our main focus is to provide a personalized approach, building a long-term cooperation and trust with all the companies we work with.

Our performance-based culture ensures full alignment with our clients' needs. Pricing is always based on results generated. Data-driven strategy, reliance on AI and dynamic campaign management allows our team to generate exceptional results and tangible growth for our clients.

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